October 28, 2020

Yoga for thyroid : Control And Manage You Thyroid Function

Yoga can be surely be labeled as the best medicine for preventing as well as curing many deceases. In today’s world, some health problems are very common among people. Thyroid is one of them. It’s a decease where one’s thyroid gland is affected. It can’t be cured totally but obviously can be controlled. Some yoga postures along with meditation are there to help thyroid patients stay fit.

Yoga for thyroid

Two types of thyroid are there. One is Hypothyroidism and the other is Hyperthyroidism. The first kind is where a patient doesn’t have the required thyroid hormones and the second one is caused by presence of excess thyroid hormones. One can suffer from low energy, fatigue, cold, weight loss or gain, abnormal heartbeat rate, diarrhea, constipation, dry skin and other problems when they have Hypothyroidism or Hyperthyroidism decease. Yoga can really help those having thyroid decease, by reducing stress and by other means Benefits Of Workout At Home hold a lot of significance in management of thyroid function. But a doctor should be consulted before starting any yoga. Based on reseach, here is a list of Yoga For Thyroid.

 Yoga For Thyroid 

  1. Sharvangasana

Yoga for thyroid

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It is very useful to supply blood fluently to the thyroid glands. The blood circulation is directed from legs to the head in this pose, releasing blood into the neck. Thus it helps to control thyroxin and maintain the endocrine system of the body. It needs lying on stomach, raising legs upwards straight and placing palms on the back for support.

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  1. Viparta Karani

Viparta Karani or inverted pose or legs up the wall pose is beneficial for hypothyroidism. Regulating thyroid function and increasing the flow of blood to the thyroid gland are its usefulness. This also cures insomnia and provides peace of mind. It includes lifting the legs upwards along a wall lying on the support of back side. Buttocks can be placed up against the wall or away from it. Arms can be rested at a place comfortable for the person and height and distance from the wall should also be chosen according to own comfort.

  1. Halasana

yoga for thyroid
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The neck gets compression through this pose. It stimulates abdominal and thyroid glands. It is also very effective for keeping stress and fatigue away. It is as effective as sharvangasana for healing thyroid related problems. This pose requires lying on the back, raising the legs first upwards and then on the ground over head while resting the hands on the floor.

  1. Matsyasana

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Stretching the neck is possible through this yoga pose and thus it stimulates the thyroid glands. It gradually heals the thyroid patients. It gives relief to joints and muscles. This asana is also good for reducing stress, relaxing mind and body. In matsyasana, one has to sit on the buttocks with legs extended on the front side. Then elbows are to drawn into each other and one has to lean back on elbows and forearms. Opening the chest, facing palms down and keeping fingers facing the toe are necessary steps while performing this posture.

  1. Setubandhasana

It is very good for thyroid glands, specially for patients of hypothyroidism as one has to lie on his back with knees bent, elbows alongside ribs and upper hand on the ground while doing this posture. Decreasing anxiety level and improving digestion system are its helpfulness.

  1. Dhanurasana


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Dhanurasana means lying on stomach and holding ankles with hands. It helps thyroid patients by massaging thyroid glands and producing enough thyroid hormone, so that metabolism can be controlled inside the body.

  1. Bhujangasana


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This pose includes a lot of stretching and compressing. Therefore, it helps to improve blood circulation, expand the chest, strengthen shoulders and back portions, provide body flexibility, specially to middle and upper back and reduce fatigue and stress. If one has to perform Bhujangasana, he has to lie on his stomach with hands towards chest and palms pressing the floor. Then he has to lift his head and look at the front with inhaling air. One can go partway, halfway or as far as he feels comfortable.

  1. Sirshasana

yoga for thyroid

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It’s good effects go directly to the thyroid glands. It balances metabolic functions of the body and also its alertness. But it’s a tough pose to perform. The head is rested on the floor in this posture while the feet on the air.

  1. Ustrasana

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Ustrasana or camel pose offers strong neck extension, helping stimulation of the thyroid gland. Blood flows smoothly surrounding and into the gland by this yoga. In ustrasana, the performer comes onto knees while extending the legs behind and draws the shoulder, hips and knees in same line. Placing the hands beneath the spine, drawing elbows inside and opening the chest are next steps. Finally, pressing hips and thighs forward while bending back slowly completes the posture.

  1. Chakrasana





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Chakrasana is the source of unlimited energy. Energy flow to the thyroid area is necessary for people suffering thyroid decease and chakrasana does the same.

  1. Ujjayi Pranayama

Pranayama is generally beneficial for various deceases. Ujjayi pranayama helps to produce enough hormone in the thyroid glands, both in case of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. It’s also good for metabolism.

  1. Shavasana

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It’s considered to be very easy yoga posture but should be done properly and to lie keeping the body still for a while can be a challenge. It gives proper rest to the body after performing other poses and rest is, as we all know, very necessary to heal any decease.



So, this is the list of yoga for thyroid. Doctor’s advice is a must before performing any of this as only an expert can diagnose the problem accurately and suggest proper remedies for it.


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