October 28, 2020

Yoga For Diabetes , Best yoga Poses to control it

Yoga is complete solution for all health including diabetes and mental problems. The types of yoga one can perform depends on the person’s health conditions. Doctors and physical trainers can recommend it for them. In this article we have shared best yoga practices for diabetes .

What is Diabetes

When blood sugar level gets very high, it causes Diabetes. Food gives us energy converting itself into blood glucose. Pancreas helps the body to use the energy as it produces insulin by which glucose can enter into the cells and provide energy to work. Diabetes is a metabolic decease that happens when insulin producing capacity gets decreased. As the pancreas’s capability decreases, the sugar level cannot be maintained in the body. If this happens, it is called Type 1 Diabetes. If the cell’s ability to use insulin gets decreased, it’s called Type 2 Diabetes.

Yoga For Diabetes

Diabetes can be named as a lifestyle decease. Day by day our food habit and fitness are being badly effected by the fast lifestyle that we are leading now. Our dependence on the apps and gadgets is also responsible for it. If we want to be fit, we have to move on with regular workouts. It is the solution of Diabetes too.

There are some asanas which can be performed to control diabetes as they help in proper digestion and blood circulation. Here is a list of yoga for diabetes.


yoga for diabetes

  1. Surya Namaskar

Yoga For Diabetes

It is very useful for diabetic patients. It contains a few asanas together. If one practices it everyday at dawn, it will enrich our body. These asanas improve the blood circulation in our body as well as increase the capability of insulin to keep the body fit by supplying required energy.


  1. Dhanurasana


This asana is a back-bend pose. If this can be done properly, it looks like a bow. Besides many virtues, it decreases blood sugar level for which it is recommendable to the diabetic patients. Fatigue comes with diabetes. Dhanurasana helps in releasing stress and fatigue too.


  1. Trikonasana

Yoga For Diabetes

This asana looks like a triangle and called as triangle pose. Diabetes affect the kidneys badly. To control such damage of organs, Trikonasana helps to have a better digestion.


  1. Supta Matsyendrasana


It is known as lying down body twist. This asana creates pressure on abdominal organs. So it helps in improving digestion which is required for a diabetic patient.


  1. Paschimottasana


This is known as seated forward bend posture. It helps to relief stress as well as tones the abdominal part of the body.  This asana helps to improve the digestive power and control diabetes.


  1. Bhujangasana


Poor digestion causes serious problems for diabetic patients. As the cobra pose enhances the functions of abdominal organs, it helps to control diabetes by improving digestion.


  1. Shalavasana


This is called grasshopper posture. It helps in controlling blood sugar level. It exerts pressure on abdominal organs and relieves stress. Both are helpful for diabetic patients.


  1. Sarvangasana


This asana has a lot of benefits to our body. It improves blood circulation in our body along with digestion. It controls blood sugar level. As it helps in pancreas functioning and a balanced insulin production, it is helpful for diabetic patients.


  1. Balasana

Yoga For diabetes

Insulin production depends much on mental relaxation. The Balasana or child’s pose helps to calm our mind and gives relief from fatigue. So it is a must do yoga for diabetes.


  1. Shavasana


Shavasana is the resting posture. In between performing other yoga poses, practitioners need to take a short break by doing Shavasana. It helps in decreasing anxiety and mental stress which are the main causes of diabetes.



Tadasana or mountain pose, Adho Mukha Svanasana or downward facing dog, Phalakasana or Plank pose, Setubandha Sarvangasana or Bridge pose, Matsyasana or Fish pose and a few more yoga postures are helpful for diabetic patients. Breathing patterns play an important role here. One should inhale and exhale deeply with every posture. Practitioners should begin with a minimum of 5 minutes of warm up and finish it with 10 minutes relaxation which may be in form of Shavasana. Besides these yoga,  walking, running, swimming and cycling also provide better results.


Proper Time Of  Practice


Yoga postures are best to be performed at dawn as the early morning air remains fresh and healthy. At this time we have an empty stomach and relaxed nerves which are helpful to let the asanas work properly. If one wants to do it in the evening, he must be in empty stomach for at least two hours.


How The Asanas Help In Controlling Diabetes


  • Some postures help in proper digestion which is very necessary for patients of diabetes.


  • Healthy blood circulation and muscular relaxation are very important for diabetic patients. Yoga is the best therapy for these.


  • They help in balancing the blood sugar level and control diabetes by improvement of insulin sensitivity which increase glucose uptake.


  • The postures which effect the abdominal organs help to regenerate pancreatic cells.


  • The asanas help in enhancing insulin production from pancreas.


  • Proper asanas can compress the abdominal portion and allow more insulin to enter the blood.


  • Body weight can be controlled with regular practice of asanas and it is much needed for diabetic patients.



Which asanas are preferable for a person suffering from diabetes, can be best recommended by doctors. Some physical trainers can also help in it, but only after observing the patient properly. If any diabetic patient is also suffering from muscular or joint pains, then the suitable postures can differ. A person can modify some postures according to his capability. The beginners should practice yoga for 10 minutes only. The time span should be increased day by day.

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