Understanding Generalized anxiety disorder



Having stress or being anxious for some time or for a specific reason is common but what if it doesn’t stop for eg:- “being anxious before exam is common and it generally passes with the end of exam ” it usually go away with time but real problem arises when it doesn’t and you are in continuous mode of being anxious without a reason then you may be having generalized anxiety disorder or what we call as GAD 

some people may have it intense while other may have it mild depending upon person to person generalized anxiety disorder is very discomforting as it makes you restless fearful and affect quality of your life , people find it really hard to concentrate.

Symptoms Of Generalized Anxiety Disorder


1. Worrying Too Much

Being worried about some thing and some event is common everybody generally worries about something like their job,work,assignment,children,expenses but worrying too much about something and not able to control worries or get out of worries is a symptom of generalized anxiety disorder however people are aware that their worries are irrational or they are over worried but even after that they can’t get out of it.

2 . Restlessness

It becomes hard for the person to be in restful state since being anxious continuously increases the pulse,heartbeat and agitates it also make hard for the person to concentrate on work .


Insomnia is also a predominant symptom of generalized anxiety disorder insomnia is generally finding it hard to fall asleep or waking up at midnight since anxiety increases production of cortisol(stress hormones) it become hard to get restful sleep or to fall asleep easily , lack of sleep also affect your physical well being .

4.Panic attacks

Panic attack is sudden feeling of fear with raising heartbeat with palpation people often confuse it with feeling like heart attack and end u in emergency room , panic attacks are one of the worse thing to go through .

5.Avoid socializing

generalized anxiety hits your social life in worst possible way one going through it finds it really hard to socialized and form connection with peoples they often avoid talking to strangers as well as it also affects your other relationship like friends and family badly.

6.Overthinking and Irrational fear

People going through it often overthink about things which they are not supposed to overthinking completely destroys peace of mind as well as increases anxiety even more , this overthinking also triggers the irrational fear (which are totally self made situations) the intensity of overthinking and fear differs person to person .

7. Fatigue

it also can cause fatigue symptoms involves feeling tired , dizziness , lack of energy to perform daily works muscle crams and much more .


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