5 Spiritual Growth Practices You Must Do

Spiritual growth is divine process , one who gets in the spiritual path go on exploring the unlimited possibilities of life , spiritualization is all about love , compassion , knowing the broader view of life and exploring him self but the spiritual growth required certain practices.

its not a overnight experience , but you can achieve it bit by bit and can become spiritually awakened and feel the life not just survive , there are various practices for it we have discussed some of them below

Spiritual Growth

Best practices for spiritual growth :

Do pranayama , pranayama is breathing technique it’s very much famous in india and world wide as well , if you are not aware of pranayama i am attaching some videos below to make it easy for you

pranayama is a way of controlling our breath pranayama means controlling the pran(vital life energy) of one self , through the pranayama we get control of our breath and breath is referred as “prana”(vital energy which keeps us alive).

There are in total 8 different pranayama you can watch tutorials on youtube [warning : some of the pranayam such as bhastrika, kapalbhati should be avoided by patient of heart and chronic diseases however you can consult you yoga teacher and can read more about them and do accordingly . ]

pranayam not only helps in your spiritual growth but also helps to cure many diseases and improves mental health and energy level .


2. Meditate



Meditation also require you attention on breath , meditation is also one the best technique to calm yourself it improves you attention / focus , energy level and mental health as well it is good to perform meditation after pranayama to get enhanced result  .


Do yoga



Yoga is also a part of spiritual growth it bring flexibility in the body  , not only physical flexibility it also improves overall health , the different yoga poses are designed in such a way that it improves different part and in whole improves overall health , surya namaskar is one of the great and must do practice .


Eat light and healthy diet


Spiritual Growth


Today diet has been full of junk food , try to change your life style and try to eat raw , high vibration life promoting food , eat foods that are easily digestible and leaves less toxins in the body , though the proper diet , yoga and pranayama you can easily get on your way of spiritual growth


Slightly change life style

coping with stress

Make your life a bit organized sleep early , wake up before the sun rises , do yoga , pranayama is morning , make routine of every thing , surround yourself with positive people , stay away from toxic ones , read more , help more and try to live positive life no matter what .


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