October 28, 2020

Sarvangasana The Mother of All Asanas

Sarvangasana is known as the shoulder stand pose. It is one of the best in Hatha Yoga. The whole body is involved in it. It is beneficial for our physical as well as our mental health.


Sarvangasana Steps 

Sarvangasana takes a long time to complete in a proper posture. The steps are,

  • At first we have to lie on the floor.
  • We have to exhale first and during inhaling the abdomen portion with the legs are to be raised to a 90 degree angle.
  • Then we have to exhale while the waist and hips are to be raised taking the legs backward over our head.
  • After that the back and legs should be raised into vertical position and the inhalation must goes on.
  • We have to place our hands on the upper back for support.
  • A chin lock should be created as the chin will rest against our chest.
  • The eyesight will be fixed on the toes and normal breathing should be maintained.
  • In time of releasing the posture at first the hands are released and then our waist should be bent. After that our back and then legs will touch the floor.




This is called ‘Mother of all asanas’ due to its benefits. The impacts are,

  1. Strengthening back and spine: Balancing the body by lifting back, makes it stronger. It also increases strength and flexibility of our spine. The nervous system is stimulated by it.
  2. Strengthening neck and shoulder: By practicing this yoga the nerves around the neck and shoulder are toned and the flexibility will be increased.
  3. Straightning heart muscles: Due to this asana more venus blood returns to our heart. The heart muscles are getting stretched.
  4. Stimulating glands: As this yoga stimulates the thyroid and parathyroid glands, it helps in balancing hormonal system for both men and women.
  5. Improving digestion: Due to improvement of blood circulation and draining of stagnant blood, it gives relief from constipation and increases efficiency of our digestive system.
  6. Increasing blood flow: It increases blood flow throughout the body. During the formation of the posture blood flows towards brain. So our brain is nourished by it.
  7. Losing vericose veins: Due to blood circulation in opposite direction and moving legs to upwards, it prevents and cures vericose veins.
  8. Improving vision: As more blood flows to our brain due to this yoga, it helps in improvement of our eyesight.
  9. Losing weight: As it helps in reducing thyroid, we can lose body weight. The excess fat around our belly, hips, buttocks and thighs are burnt by it. It also helps in detoxification and reduce anti-ageing effects.
  10. Therapeutic impacts: People who are suffering from thyroid disorder, reproductive issues, headache, haemorrhoid, diabetes, cough and cold issues can get relief from it. It also stimulates our immunity system. For women, it improves ovary function, increases efficiency of reproductive organs by supplying fresh blood. It also gives them strength to uterine ligaments. People can get relief from stress and psychological disorder by it. It calms our mind, reduces anxiety, insomnia and helps to regain energy.


Sarvangasana Precautions


As it is wealthy for a good health, in case of any mistake it also can cause damages. People should not practice it, if they have any problems like,

  1. Heart problem: People who are suffering from heart problems should not do this yoga. If someone is aged and has less control in his body movement or there is lack of flexibility in the body should avoid this.
  2. High blood pressure: High blood pressure can cause various problems for us. So if one has high blood pressure or migraine should not practice it.
  3. Spinal injury: In this asana the whole body moves to upwards, so in case of suffering from severe back pain or spinal injury should not even try to do it.
  4. Spondylitis: In case of suffering from spondylitis this asana should be avoided. But if the problem is at initial stage, practicing this yoga can help to cure it. In this situation doctor’s permission is needed.
  5. Internal organs: People who are suffering problems due to internal organs like, liver, spleen or kidney should avoid this yoga posture. If suffering from thyroid it also is not recommendable.
  6. Throat and ear infection: Due to upward movement of the lower part of body, in this asana blood flows towards head. Because of this if one is suffering from throat or ear infection, can feel discomfort in the muscles around those area during practice. So, they should avoid this yoga.
  7. Pregnancy or menstruation: Pregnant women should strictly avoid this yoga. In time menstruation women are no allowed to do it.


Time and Duration:

Early morning is the proper time to practice. This asana is very difficult to hold. If one can hold it for 3 minutes, the result will be better.


To maintain balance before and after Sarvangasana, we have to practice some other yogas.

Preparatory poses:

Dwi Pada Uttanpadasana

Viparit Karni


Follow up Poses:


Visrut Pada Hastasana


Ashwini Mudra





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