September 18, 2020

Personality Development The way to Achieve Any Thing

Personality Development is self awareness. Who is the person? What is one’s nature? To answer these questions we have to know one’s personality. Behavior, appearance, education, importance of values make people what they are. Some people carry a great personality which make them different from others. Some people try hard to be recognized among others. But due to lack of personality they face difficulties. To overcome these personality development skills are needed.

Personality Development

Causes to adopt Personality Development

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  1. Improving personality: People may be polite or chummy. Different people has different characteristics. There are also some flaws in all of us. To enhance our personality we have to overcome them and be perfect.
  2. Increasing self awareness: self-awareness grows our personality. To achieve it we have to find out our flaws and qualities, then we can improve it. What we need from life, what we have to be and how can we achieve it should be very clear to us.
  3. Increasing confidence: Lack of confidence can prevent us from achievements. We have to adopt the skill to be confident. If confidence can be gained, success will come along with.
  4. Communication skills: Communication matters a lot in our life. People who are naturally shy, can be dominated easily. To convey their thought to others is most important. We need to learn the proper way to do it.
  5. Achieving goal: To achieve the desired goal in life, we have to take necessary initiatives. It doesn’t matter that how far is one’s goal, people have to be clear about the way and ready to face the consequences. If they start from little issues and can overcome those, the feeling of achievement will help them to go ahead.
  6. Stress and anxiety reliever: In life sometimes we stand in a situation where all doors seem to be closed. Life is a long way where sometimes we can be overpowered or pushed back. These can cause stress and anxiety. In those moment we have to find the ray of hope by ourselves. At first we have to find out the way of self-relief. Positive self-talking, breathing exercises can help us.
  7. Gaining happiness: Happiness cannot be given. In any moment of life when we need anybody to be with us, perhaps we cannot find anyone. In those moments if our happiness will depend on others we will lose. The happiness should grow inside us. To satisfy ourselves we have to take right decision and joyfully follow it to gain true happiness.


Steps to enhance personality

enchance personality

  • Personality is recognized by appearance, not by look. So, however we look it doesn’t matter at all. We have to focus on behavior, education, values and how we act in different situations.
  • From childhood often we are compared with others. This can grow lack of confidence in us. To gain personality we have to remember that everyone has different qualities. We can’t be like others, we should not be either. We have to build our unique characters which will represent us.
  • Dressing sense is needed to be grown. How we look is not in our hand. But how we dress up matters most. What we can wear in office or party or social occasions we should remember.
  • Every person carries some positive nature. To go ahead in life we should nurture them. To reach any goal these will help us.
  • The people who look good attract other. But if they don’t have the interaction ability, they will suffer. So, good looks is just a positive part, it is not ultimate. One’s positive appearance and body language will keep impact on others.
  • People who are not good looking and cannot interact with others fluently, don’t be demotivated. To avoid these barriers we have to interact more. To gain opportunities we should join social occasions, different events and meet people.
  • Life does not give us many chances. When we decide to do something we have to be ready for it. People may carry a shy personality, but when it’s time to run a business we should not have any hesitation in interaction.
  • In any situation we should not give up. We have to move on in life without worrying about mistakes and failure.
  • We have to use every platform to get recognized. We should always express ourselves in right way.
  • Boring people are always avoided. So we must not be the subject of other’s laughter, rather should try to make others laugh by funny conversations.
  • Patience is an important skill. We should not shout on others. We have to be a good listener and polite in conversations with a calm and cool mind.
  • We should be optimistic. But we have to accept our weak-points and appreciate others too.


Personality grows from childhood. How parents behave with a child effects a lot on it. Leadership, communication skills can grow from school age due to attention of parents, friends and teachers. Besides one can loose all these qualities due to bad behavior. Here personality development may be the ultimate solution.


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