Importance Of Yoga – A Way To Rejuvenate Your Self

What is importance of yoga ? ever thought As we are getting more technically advanced, our ailments , diseases are also growing at the same pace

there are things we certainly don’t see and realize , it is the fact and has been proven that beyond the physical body we have an energy body and our physical body is it’s cover , before digging dipper let us know what is yoga


Importance of yoga


What is Yoga and history of yoga

For most of us, when we hear the word Yoga, we think of twisting our body and performing aerobics. Yes, that is a part of Yoga, though it is much more than that.Yoga originated in the Indian subcontinent, thousands of years ago. The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word `Yuj` (pronounced Yug) meaning Union. When we connect our consciousness to the universal supreme consciousness, we call it Yoga.

Although we think of ourselves as individuals, truth is that we are all part of the same universal consciousness. To demonstrate it practically, try holding your breath. Within a few seconds, you will be struggling. We need oxygen to survive, which comes from plants. Plants also need carbon dioxide that we emit, for their process of photosynthesis. To put it simply, we living beings can’t survive for a few minutes, without one other, because we are all part of the same energy.

The Importance of Yoga :


Importance of yoga


Now let us discuss the importance of Yoga. Why is it more important and relevant today? Today, as we can see, there is chaos all over the world. The world is plagued by immense corruption. People are committing suicide, torturing, and killing one another and what not? This problem can only be solved if people start having a cosmic identity. If you start viewing the universe as one entity, is there any reason you need to hurt or kill another living being? No one needs to tell you not to cut your finger. Similarly, if you see the world as one, there is no reason you will ever feel the need to hurt or dominate another human being. This is where Yoga comes into the pictures.

The only way people can have a cosmic identity is when they practice yoga regularly.


Physical Benefits of yoga :



The importance and benefits of Yoga cannot and should not be ignored. Even if we ignore the spiritual aspects of Yoga, and look only at the physical aspects, Yoga has numerous benefits. Yoga can help in decreasing one’s blood pressure, and also strengthening one’s immune system. It can help you improve your strength and stamina. With regular practice, you will see yourself free from all kinds of psychological problems, such as stress, anxiety, or even depression.


To promote a cosmic consciousness among people, we need to promote Yoga. This can be done by making Yoga practices mandatory in all educational institutions. If you take a look at most students today, whether it is the children or adults, they are mostly obsessed with their smartphones. This not only makes them lazier, but they end up suffering from various health issues. It also increases their stress and anxiety levels. The number of teenagers committing suicide can seen to be drastically rising. Even children who are not addicted to smartphones, have a lot of burden of their exams and studies, and sometimes their pressure increases as their parents want them to perform well at any cost. This is why we need to focus on the importance of Yoga.

Yoga practices will not only provide children a break from their hectic lifestyle, but it will also help them deal with any psychological issues. The young generation also suffers from posture problems, due to working excessively on their computers. Yogic practices will help with that. They will also learn to be in charge of their emotions, and gain proper control of their mind and body. The best thing is that schools don’t even need to spend too much money, in imparting a Yogic education. It will be a mistake if educational institutions ignore the importance of Yoga for the modern youths.

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