Coping with stress learn the art

coping with stress

Coping with stress is indeed very much necessary now a days . the number of people going through it , has been more than normal. weather it may be due to work load , hectic schedule , underlying decease , or going through anxiety or trauma .the way to deal with stress is art , and everyone should master it .well you can’t totally avoid stress , but you can certainly learn the ways of coping with stress. and can make your life peaceful . we have mentioned some of best techniques you can use , to get rid of problem .some of the techniques may be new to you , but you should definitely check it out .

Best techniques of Coping with stress .

1 .Pranayama

Pranayama is basically collection of breathing techniques , invented by indian yogic rishis or gurus .  pranayama has wide range of benifit in whole body . pranayama restore the working of your nervous system , both sympathetic and parasympathetic . pranayama helps to cleanse your all 7 chakras ( center of energies in your body ), and it ultimately calm your mind and de stress you. i would say that pranayam is one of the best technique , of coping with stress i have attached a video below, to show you the best pranayama technique . which you can use for coping with stress.

2. Meditation


Meditation is one of the top notch technique , of coping with stress . meditation is also a way calm mind , and restore vital energies . however some of the people find it really hard to meditate , and if you are among one of them , you can switch to pranayama . there are various guided meditation techniques available . meditation increases you concentration , makes you more focused and energetic .



Hectic schedule and increasing work load , makes it hard for people to work out on regular basis. but even though you should try to workout , atleast 3-4 days a week . lacking physical workout and exercise is of the stress inducer . in today’s generation , people hardly get time to work out . but taking out time , and exercising regularly helps to cope you with stress . it has been proved that , exercising regularly increase testestron and other benificial neurotransmitter in brain . thus helps in coping with stress , which leads to improved mood .  less stress and high energy.

4. Music


You can listen to various calming music , music helps to relax the mind . not only the calming music, but the music of your own choice . which you like helps to relax and calm the mind .

5. Herbs and remedies

Nature has provided  ample amount of herbs , and remedies for coping with stress . if anyone don’t feel the energy to do any of the above techniques . thaen they can also use the different herbs as supplement , there are some supplement and minerals which are known to reduce stress.

Aswagandha (withania sominifera )

Aswagandha has been used for over many years to reduce stress ,increase energy level, and improve concentration, aswagandha is an adaptogen it also reduces cortisol which is an stress hormone .you can read more about aswagandha here.


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