September 18, 2020

Ardha Chakrasana An Yoga For Perfect And Healthy Body  

It is quite tough to be perfect in Chakrasana. So at first one can practice Ardha Chakrasana as a preparatory pose. A lot of benefits are provided to our body with this asana.

Ardha Chakrasana

Benefits of the pose

This pose is perfect when one stands in back bending posture. Back bending provides various benefits to our body. They are:


  1. As in this asana we put our upper body and head into a backbend, our body gets a good stretch. It gives us relief from upper back pain.
  2. It relieves stress from shoulders and neck.
  3. This is helpful for them who has spondylitis.
  4. In daily life we spend a long time in workplace. People who work with computers, have to sit straight in chair for long hours. Their back muscles become stiff. This asana gives strength to our back muscles and improves flexibility of our back.
  5. As we have to stretch our body in this asana, the muscles of chest are released. With opening of the lungs, oxygen intake level is increased.
  6. As it improves respiratory function, this is helpful for asthma patients.
  7. This posture reduces flab from thighs and waist.
  8. This asana stimulates blood circulation in our body. With this, supply of oxygen and nutrients to organs, muscles, tissues and joints get improved. High blood pressure also can be controlled.
  9. For the frontal stretch in this yoga our abdominal organs are stimulated.
  10. It has a good effect on our stomach and improves digestion.
  11. It stimulates our fallopian tubes and ovaries. Besides strengthening reproductive system, it helps in curing uterus problems.
  12. It also cures menstrual disorders. Due to smooth blood supply and strength in muscles it provides relief from menstrual discomfort. Females can practice this yoga to get relief from discomfort and pain during that period.
  13. This asana reduces belly fat and gives us a toned and flexible body.
  14. Some people get humilieted in their social life due to defects in their posture. Half-wheel pose is a solution of this problem. As a result of bending and stretching, their postures get improved and confidence grows up.
  15. It reduces our stress level and increases mental focus.
  16. It brings energy to the body through our spines.




The people who are suffering from spinal, hip or neck injury should avoid Ardha Chakrasana. Half wheel pose is also not practicable for high blood pressure patients, hernia and ulcer patients. Pregnant women should strictly avoid this as it puts a strain on the fetus.


Perfect Breathing Rule

In every asana breathing takes an important role. For this yoga, in time of lifting hands in upward and bending backwards we should inhale. At the time of holding the pose, we have to breathe normally . At the time of coming back to normal position we have to exhale. After that we should maintain a rhythmic and slow breathing.


Way to do the Pose

This asana can be done in two ways. One can do it either in standing position or in lying position.

Standing Posture

  1. For this pose we should stand straight.
  2. The hands and feet should be straight on either side of our body.
  3. Then we have to raise hands and rotate above the shoulders. The palms should be faced to each other.
  4. The upper part of our body should be bent slowly along with the hands, as far as it would be comfortable for us.
  5. At that time hands, elbows and knees should be straight.
  6. We have to stay in that pose for a few seconds.
  7. Then we have to bring back ourselves slowly to the standing pose along with the hands.
  8. In this asana there is an option. We can place our hands behind the hips and can do the back bending pose.


Lying Posture

  1. We have to lie flat on the floor.
  2. We have to keep our hands by our side facing the palms down.
  3. After that knees are bent and feet are placed on the floor.
  4. We have to keep our heels close to our hips.
  5. Pressing on palms and feet our hips should be lifted up.
  6. The thighs will be kept parallel to the ground.
  7. We can hold our ankles with hands or place them on the lower back for support.
  8. After holding this position for a few seconds, we have to lower the back towards ground slowly and relax.


Time and Duration

Morning gives the freshness and energy to our body. So, like any other yoga it should be practiced in early morning. We should hold the final posture of half-wheel pose for at least 20 seconds. With regular practice the duration should be increased to one minute. If possible one should practice the asana twice in a day.


In sanskrit, Ardha means half and Chakra means wheel. Our body takes shape of a half wheel in Ardha Chakrasana. So it is called half wheel pose.


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